5 Essential Tech Tools that Keep Teachers Learning

The most effective teachers that I know are masterful learners. Somehow, amidst the demands of curriculum, instruction and assessment, they carve out a bit of time each day to gain new knowledge and improve their practice for the benefit of students (Avalos, 2011). However, too often in my professional development work, I hear educators say something like… “I’m just so busy teaching that I just don’t have time to learn. “

I find it interesting that no matter how busy we get as educators, we always seem to have just enough time to grab our favorite digital device and play a quick game of Candy Crush or Trivia Crack or to update our Pinterest board.

chandler thought bubble w womanTruth be told, I myself have indulged in many a mini-game from my phone and gleaned a number of resources and learning activities from other teachers’ Pinterest posts.

But there is a big difference between harvesting the ideas of others and growing your own teaching capacity. Tech-using teachers must spend time curating what’s valuable to their work and creating opportunities to gain new knowledge and understanding.

That’s why whenever I visit a new school, I try to encourage teachers and administrators to utilize their digital devices for professional learning and development, rather than just as tools for streamlining communication and instruction.

To this end, I have assembled a list of five free and often under-utilized technology tools that help turn teachers into more masterful learners. If you’re a savvy tech-using educator, these tools will be familiar. If you’re not, this is the place to start!

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