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Dr. Curtis Chandler is Professor of Teacher Education at Brigham Young University-Idaho. He has worked with the Center for Teacher Quality, the Council of Chief State School Officers, the Mid-American Association for Computers in Education, and with school districts around the nation to improve student learning through the use of instructional technology, problem-based learning, Language Arts instruction, and implementation of College and Career Readiness standards.  Curtis’ work and ideas have been featured in Rick Hess’ book , The Cage-Busting Teacher, and Kristin Magette’s Embracing Social Media: A Practical Guide to Manage Risk and Leverage Opportunity. Curtis was named the Kansas State Teacher of the Year in 2011 and is also an inductee into the Mid-America Educator Hall of Fame.  Above all, he enjoys spending time with his wife and favorite “students”–his four young sons.



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Recent publications/articles:

Chandler, C. (2015, April 14).  Five Essential Tech Tools That Keep Teachers Learning.  MiddleWebhttp://www.middleweb.com/21924/5-essential-tech-tools-keep-teachers-learning/

Chandler, C. (2014, September 16).  Beyond the Digital Zombie Stereotype: Three Tips for Empowering Student Agency and Decision-Making.  Pearson Research and Innovationhttp://researchnetwork.pearson.com/elearning/beyond-digital-zombie-stereotype-three-tips-empowering-student-agency-decision-making

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Chandler. C.  (2013). A Framework of Fun.  (White Paper Presented at the Learning Forward Annual Conference). Dallas: TX. Learning Forward. http://proposals.learningforward.org/handouts/Dallas2013/H23/Wired%20for%20Fun%20Curtis%20Chandler.pdf

Chandler, C. (2013, March 11).  Mining, modeling, and other sandbox activities to foster student creativity.  Education Weekhttp://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/rick_hess_straight_up/2013/03/mining_modeling_and_other_ sandbox_activities_to_foster_student_creativity.html?cmp=SOC-SHR-TW

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